How can I preview the landing page?

If you are logged in to WordPress, then it is difficult to test the landing page. This is because the plugin allows access to logged in users who are Editor role or above.

The quickest way to test the landing page is to open your website in a new browser window in private or incognito mode. This will let you view the website and the landing page as a guest.

To open a new browser window in private/incognito mode in your browser you can do the following:

  • Chrome - Ctrl-Shift-N (Windows) or Command-Shift-N (macOS)
  • Edge - Ctrl-Shift-N (Windows) or Command-Shift-N (macOS) 
  • Firefox - Ctrl-Shift-P (Windows) or Command-Shift-P (macOS)
  • Safari - Ctrl-Shift-N (Windows) or Command-Shift-N (macOS)

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