How can I invite you to my WordPress install?

If you are adding me as a new user to help debug your site, pleaseĀ do not send us an email to our support email address. This will cause new tickets to be opened and start an infinite loop of crap between our support system and WordPress.

To give us access to your WordPress,

  1. add a new user with admin rights,
  2. use your own email address or any email address related to you (hint: if you use gmail you can add +anything to your email to create a unique email - so could use or and still receive the email as usual)
  3. generate a random password for the user
  4. take note of the email, username, password and also the WP-Admin address of your site
  5. Put this in your existing ticket to us so we can login to your WordPress install

To repeat - do not set us up as a user on your WordPress install using the email address for our support system.